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You came home–that is a relief!   Notice the other tabs at the top of the page!

 If you visit the Alumni page you will be able to read about Dr. Alex Parker (BSc  Biology`94) and his currrent research on Huntington`s disease.  A visit to the page for Current Students has a story about Megan McGillivary`s McGraw Hill Award.  Word has it that Dr. Cindy Ross Friedman got a brand new toy for Christmas–if you want to find out what it is go to the Faculty page.   On the News page you can find out about CODS (Centre for Optimization and Decision Science) being developed by our math & stats faculty.  You can find out about the plans to put in a coffee shop on the Science Building page and a new grant to support research into Climate Change on the Research page.  Finally we profile our MSc students on the Grad Student page.


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